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FUNDRAISE for the film YOU ARE NOT ALONE | Anna Barsukova

FUNDRAISE for the film YOU ARE NOT ALONE | Anna Barsukova   Seed funding for startups is a very important point! As a startup company creating documentary filmmaking, we were looking for donations and sponsors for our project. What is sponsorship? How to get sponsors? What is entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, social entrepreneurship, non profit organizations, nonprofit fundraising? We asked ourselves thousands of questions and were lost in the answers. Many video creators search for fundraising ideas and Film Funding on Patreon. We also tried to find financial support by selling equity crowdfunding. By the way, I still don't know what the difference is between crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and fundraising... It doesn't really matter, though. The main thing is to make film crowdfunding successful! Video marketing is currently very important! We managed to find sponsors and make a good documentary film courage! What are you working on? How do you find money for your movies? Write in the comments! I am always happy to see you on my channel! Sincerely, Anna Barsukova filmmaker Создать схему на
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